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Beginning with the Bible – Introducing the Good News of the Kingdom of God and the Name of Jesus Christ

Hensley, Jason   |   Published in 2019   |   Paperback (139 pages), Kindle

What is God’s purpose with this earth? What is His purpose for me? Does God care about what happens in my day to day life? God wrote the Bible to inspire. He wrote the Bible to teach you about Him and His principles––and to encourage you to be like Him. This book is meant to aid you in your understanding of the Bible and its message, and to provide a foundation upon which you can better come to know and love God. Meant as a compliment and extension of the book “It is Written,” this book presents the good news of the Kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ in an easy to read way, with short and chapters and a simple structure. Don’t feel overwhelmed by the Bible––this book can help you begin to open up God’s Word for yourself and learn His life-changing message.

Jews, Arabs and Bible Prophecy – 2018 Update

Whittaker, Harry  |   Published in 2018   |   Paperback (120 pages), Kindle

This book, first published in the 1970s, answers very different questions coming from very different kinds of people. The unbeliever and the believer each want to know something different. How are these answers reached? By a careful examination of scores of places where the Bible claims to be revealing events in the “time of the end”. If you are an unbeliever, the first few chapters here will bring you face to face with up-to-date facts which take some explaining away. If you already believe in Christ, these early chapters will make a lively prelude to bigger excitements and faith-strengthening discoveries.

It Is Written – A Collection of Motivating Verses for the Followers of Christ

Whittaker, Harry  |   Published in 2018   |   Paperback (120 pages), Kindle

Have you ever wished that you knew a Bible verse that related to your specific situation? Have you ever wondered what the Bible teaches about a particular subject? Or have you ever simply wanted to commit more of the Bible to memory? This book provides quick access to Scripture passages on 40 different Biblical subjects––both doctrinal and meditational. It is certainly not exhaustive, but it is small enough to be kept in a Bible case, so that it can be readily available when you have a few minutes of free time to think upon or memorize God’s Word. You could also use this book to lay the groundwork for a more in-depth study on any of these 40 subjects. Most importantly, may these verses fill your mind and help you to become more and more like the one who was, and is, the word made flesh.

The King Who Fell – An Exposition of Solomon’s Song of Songs

Pople, John   |   Published in 2017   |   Paperback (226 pages)

“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth” opens the lyrics of the Bible’s most complex Old Testament mystery: Solomon’s enigmatic Song of Songs. In truth, the Song is exactly as it appears: an intensely passionate expression of romantic love, both ascetic and sexual, between two lovers; with the poetry structured as a chiasmus, i.e. in two anti-symmetric halves. The spiritual lessons imprinted in the Song are simple, profound and highly relevant to the 21st century disciple; and the manner in which they can be seen to emerge from the symbology, fascinating.

Part of the Family (Vol 2) – Christadelphians, The Kindertransport, and the Rescue from the Holocaust

Hensley, Jason   |   Published in 2017   |   Paperback (484 pages), Kindle

The first volume of this series described the beliefs of the Christadelphians and told the stories of ten of the children who had left their parents and come to live with Christadelphians via the Kindertransport. This second volume does the same. Just as the first, ten of these child survivors, and their families, give their testimony. Unlike the first volume, however, some of these survivors did not live with Christadelphian families – living instead in Elpis Lodge, the hostel sponsored by Christadelphians in Birmingham. Because of that, this second volume includes further details and primary sources relating to the hostel, in addition to recounting their childhood, flight from Germany, and new life in England.

Our Mother’s Voice – Writings from and about Christa von Gadenstedt

Terrell, Maritta  |   Published in 2017   |   Paperback (288 pages), Kindle

Here we share with you our Mother’s “voice” – our “Mummy” – the editorials from our church newsletter; poems, as well some Bible study notes garnered from her annotations, and letters to each of us, her children. We pray that you too will garner strength, joy and love from our God, His Son and His word, from these pages, and our Mother’s voice.

Part of the Family – Christadelphians, The Kindertransport, and the Rescue from the Holocaust

Hensley, Jason   |   Published in 2016   |   Paperback (426 pages), Kindle, Audiobook

In 1938 and 1939, the Kindertransport occurred: a movement to bring thousands of Jewish children out of Nazi-occupied territories to safety in Great Britain. These children came without their parents, almost always without a knowledge of English, and also little experience with English culture. They came to a new family, a new country, and a new life. Approximately 250 of these children were sponsored by Christadelphians, a small Christian group. They came and lived in houses with Christadelphian families or lived in hostels that the Christadelphians had started.

These are their stories.

Eleven Weeks

Tikvah, Anna  |   Published in 2014   |   Paperback (366 pages), Kindle

Eleven Weeks and counting… We know it’s going to happen soon, we just don’t know when. What would you do if you knew that Jesus Christ was coming back tonight? or in eleven weeks? Good-looking and athletic, Jake and Zach thought the world was at their fingertips. Identical twins in their last year of high school, life was full of opportunity, excitement and temptation. Little did they know they were so close to the end… but then, neither did anyone else. With angels invisibly at work in their lives, trying to help to them choose Christ over the ‘pleasures of sin for a season’, the twins are oblivious to the race against time. Will apathy and temptation fatally eclipse the twins’ view of the coming Messiah? How will they feel when the angel comes to call them away? What will it be like to meet the Lord Jesus Christ face to face? Probing deep into the future, this novel challenges all of us to be ready and waiting for the return of our Lord. This story is recommended for age 14 and up.

An Invitation to Forever

Tikvah, Anna  |   Published in 2012   |   Paperback (334 pages), Kindle

Intrigued by a conversation overheard in the dark, Sandra Carrington is drawn into a conflict where emotions run deep. Why would someone who seems so kind, adamantly refuse to attend his brother’s upcoming wedding? Why does he live all alone and close the door on his very own family? Is it a lack of love…or something else? Puzzled by such incongruities, Sandra probes deeper and in doing so discovers an ancient promise that leads to something much greater, richer, and more exciting than she could have ever imagined! Well-supported by Scripture, this unique novel follows the thread of the Gospel message from Genesis to Revelation. There’s a royal wedding to which all have been invited…it’s an invitation to forever!

Glimpses of the Master – A Study in the Parables and Signs of John

Hensley, Jason   |   Published in 2012   |   Paperback (282 pages), Kindle

Throughout his gospel, the apostle only recorded eight major miracles performed by the Lord; each of those miracles was written so that John’s readers might be convicted of the Messiahship of Jesus of Nazareth and in so doing, that they might come to him and find life (John 20:31). This book was written to tell the story of those eight signs. It was written to make the narrative of John’s gospel come alive, and then to go deeper into the symbolic, or parabolic meaning of each one of those miracles. In every case, the symbols of the sign come together to powerfully demonstrate that the Lord Jesus came to bring true life––and that this true life can only be found in him.