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Bible and Science – Design vs. Chance

Bilello, John  |   Published in 2005   |   Paperback (189 pages), eBook

This book discusses the relationship between what the Bible teaches and what Science understands.


Bilello, John    |   Published in 2003   |   Paperback (113 pages), eBook

Do we believe in miracles? Any sincere believer in the word of God should be able to answer this question in the affirmative. Nevertheless, if an unbeliever asked us if we ever actually had witnessed a miracle, what would we answer?

John Thomas – His Friends & His Faith

Hemingray, Peter   |   Published in 2003   |   Paperback (358 pages), eBook

This book is a series of glimpses into the origin of the Truth in America. It introduces a set of individuals, mostly erstwhile friends of Dr. Thomas, which will help us to better understand the origin of the community he founded.

Unto Us a Child is Born

Booker, George | August, 1984 | Paperback (115 Pages), Kindle

We cannot really know what first-century life was like in the little village of Nazareth. Archaeologists, historians, and other scholars can help us with some background, but we are still left to our imaginations to fill in some details. I must confess that I cannot guarantee that it all happened in this way. I can only suggest, in a spirit of reverence, that it might have happened this way.

One Family: Rediscovering Christianity’s Relationship with Judaism

Jason Hensley / Published in 2024 / Paperback, Kindle

Christianity and Judaism are two separate religions with two separate approaches to life. Nevertheless, these two religions have often operated in similar spheres, and Christians and Jews have interacted over the centuries. Tragically, even in more modern times, this interaction often culminated in Christian assaults on Jewish communities and forced conversions to Christianity. But this Christian anti-Judaism did not always exist. This book reconsiders Christianity’s Jewish roots. In doing so, it asserts that Christians, despite their doctrinal disagreements with Jews, are to see Jews as part of their own spiritual family. Christianity and Judaism, rather than two religions, are one family.

That They May Be One: Seeking Unity in a Divided (and Divisive) Brotherhood

George Booker has almost 60 years of experience as a Christadelphian, with membership in, and exposure to, several different fellowships, as well as various subsets within each group. Along the way, he has observed how ecclesias work, and also how they don’t work — in other words, what keeps ecclesias together, and what drives them apart. He has worked for years to produce a statement of faith which is based upon analysis of the preaching of Christ’s apostles — with the object of answering the questions: “Which Bible principles are essential for salvation? And which are secondary and thus non-essential? And how do we distinguish between the two?” That They May Be One contains revised versions of his books on this subject — particularly What Are the First Principles? and Biblical Fellowship — along with additional materials along the same lines. Those who are interested in unity within our community will most definitely want to read this book.

Leading Ladies: Hearing the Voices of the Bible’s Powerful Women

Pople, John | Published in 2023 | Paperback

We explore new insights in the Bible’s heroines’ life stories.

Revealing the Butterfly

Prins, Sharon | Published in 2023 | Paperback

A book for women who desire purpose and confidence growing a relationship with God.

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The Bible in Context: A Methodology for Interpreting the Bible

Hensley, Jason | Published in 2022 | Paperback, Kindle

Have you ever wondered why so many people have different ideas about the Bible? How could one book inspire such disparate concepts and interpretations? In The Bible in Context, Jason Hensley explores why methodology matters: even though the passages in the Bible don’t change from person to person, their interpretation does. Yet, the Bible was not intended to be read in whatever way one might want. This book presents a specific methodology for determining what the Bible meant when it was written, and to whom it was written. From there, it suggests ways that the message can apply today––how the depth and power of the Bible can be understood in its original context and in its meaning for today.

Giving Grace – Removing a Judgmental Attitude from Our Lives

Hensley, Jason   |   Published in 2020   |   Paperback (110 pages), Kindle

It is part of our natural tendency as humans to judge one another. We see someone act, and we immediately attempt to ascribe a motive––often the motive that we would have if we were to do the same thing. And yet, this form of judging is completely counter to what God calls us to do. Indeed, we are to judge whether actions are right or wrong, but we cannot judge motivations or character. This book explores why judging isn’t in our purview, and why this topic is so crucial for a believer’s life. Removing a judgmental attitude can change relationships, can relieve stress and make us more appreciative, and, most importantly, can draw us closer to our God and to the Lord.