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Guyana New Market Street Sunday School

A new Sunday School endeavor.
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During March 2021, recently baptized Bro. Primal Accra raised with Bro. David Andrews the possibility of commencing a Sunday School at his home premises, New Market St. Georgetown, and asked for the blessing of the Georgetown Ecclesia. He explained that some parents who shared the residence had approached him on this matter, with a view of occupying their children’s time during Sunday afternoons.

The Arranging Brethren, along with the Sunday School Superintendent, gave the green light. What may be considered semi-formal classes, started on April 4, 2021. One year later, these sessions are still alive and active, though not held every Sunday due to personal time constraints of Bro. Primal. Thirty-one sessions have thus far been held.

The Georgetown Ecclesia welcomes this effort by Bro. Primal, and renders some assistance in the form of Sunday School materials and refreshments. We all give thanks to our Heavenly Father for this opportunity of planting the seed in the minds of these young ones, and pray that the effort will be greatly blessed in producing interest of the parents as well in due course. May Bro. Primal also be encouraged to continue in this zealous effort.

David Andrews
CBMC, Guyana

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