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Modern Idolatry

“Behold your gods, Oh Israel, who brought you out of the land of Egypt!” is what Jeroboam said to the 10 tribes of Israel. (1 Kgs 12:28) His words, spoken during the reign of Solomon’s son in 930 BC, were identical to those spoken by Aaron hundreds of years before in Exodus 32:4! You might ask yourself “How are people so gullible that they would fall for the same old lie?” I would like to suggest the same idolatry deception Jeroboam used is still around, and even fooling God’s chosen people today.
Jeroboam was a revolutionary who styled himself as one who “sticks up” for his fellows. (1 Kgs 12). Recall that King Solomon, during his many building projects, progressively oppressed the people of Israel through taxation and forced labor.
In the previous article, we suggested that the Tower of Babel is being rebuilt before our eyes. Nebuchadnezzar’s image is standing tall, with Babylon as its golden head.  Our world resembles the Babylon of Revelation 18 more with each passing day. 
In this section we will discuss the methods they use to remove God (to replace Him with an idol). Christ says “You will know [these ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing] by their fruits (Mat. 7:16).”  These “fruits” include deception, hijacking, manufactured consensus, demoralization, and degradation.
To be “gods among men” requires a “pyramid” scheme with servants cooperating below. Picture the feudal system: serfs at the bottom, landowners under knights under the lords, with clergy then Pope and King at the top. Egypt and Rome were similar, with “god” rulers at the top, and slaves below. We might think that no ruler would believe in such fantasy nowadays, but consider French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron, who...
In this section, we hope to show the influence of actual occult idol-pushers on politics for the purpose of creating utopia.
In this series, we suggest that you pull back the curtain and look at who is behind the idols of the modern age. Who is “dangling the carrot” (of drugs, television or money)?
In this section we will see how important it is for anyone wishing to control the world to hijack the earth’s money supply.
Apotheosis (the pinnacle of human development) is the idea that humans are approaching godhood, in the absence of God, through evolution and careful planning.
To summarize “one mind” so far: we have a group of rich, powerful, influential “kings and queens” who want world order. 
Aldous Huxley wrote his novel Brave New World in 1932 to warn the world about the rise of humanism and one-world government being pushed by influencers like H.G. Wells, the Fabians, and even his own brother, Julian Huxley, the first director of UNESCO.
Idolatry has always been with us and will be with us right up until the day Christ returns. In this article, we list some reasons why we should care enough to identify them.
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