Bible Study Series

Modern Idolatry

Part 13- Earth Worship


In our last article, we began discussing the latest machine being used to erect the new Tower of Babel, the image of the beast, or what H.G. Wells and other one-world idol pushers have called the New World Order.  That machine is called the “climate crisis.”  To deliver their “global solution” they require a “global crisis.”  It is no longer the “population bomb” or the nuclear winter or a terrorist problem that requires an international governing body.  It is carbon dioxide.

As we stated, CO2 is not a poison, we drink it in soda.  Plants love it.  Only 0.004% of the atmosphere is CO2.  Only 3% of all greenhouse gas is CO2.  Only 1% of that 3% (0.003%) comes from humans. 

A CO2 level jump from 280 ppm (parts per million) to 380 ppm in the last 100 years may seem like a frightening statistic until you realize that submarine crews function fine while breathing 10,000 ppm (Marc Morano, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change). Compared to CO2 levels during other times in earth’s history, we are in a “CO2 draught” according to climate experts like Richard Lindzen.  And yet, governments around the world are waging war against CO2 (and the sun!) calling global warming a “national security” issue, and devising billion-dollar secret mitigation weapons against it.

The Bible states that

“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease” (Gen. 8:22). 

While some things never change, God says that he does change the earth like a person changes clothes:

Of old hast thou laid the foundation of the earth: and the heavens are the work of thy hands. They shall perish, but thou shalt endure: yea, all of them shall wax old like a garment; as a vesture shalt thou change them, and they shall be changed” (Psa. 102:25). 

Ironically, environmental science backs up ancient truth, agreeing that the planet has been through many extreme fluctuations in temperature (-/+25 degrees C) and CO2 concentration during its long life. They make the alarmist 1-3 degree Celsius threat seem insignificant in comparison.  Interestingly, these natural fluctuations occurred before homo sapiens came on the scene.  In fact, as recently as the 1600’s Europe’s temperature dipped into a “miniature ice age,” which we might still be warming up from. 

Scientists have only been taking the earth’s exact temperature for a mere 100 years (hardly more than a point on a graph) and have constantly modified how that dubious procedure is done.  When one considers the plethora of confounding variables, it takes a busload of faith to believe that climate change comes from one thing and one thing alone: human activity. 

While human activity might be able to impact the climate through deliberate geoengineering (weather modification), supposed measured temperature changes are most likely attributable to: decades-long storm and wind systems like El Nino, topography changes due to population density changes where temperatures are taken, natural fluctuations in clouds and other earth gasses, natural disasters, volcanos, jet stream shifts, ocean conveyor shifts, planetary tilt, orbital variation, changes in earth’s magnetic system, changes in the ionosphere, the influence other planets’ locations, etc. 

The most obvious influencer of earth’s temperature is its “heater,” the sun, whose behavior is erratic and yet to be understood.  Given this sea of uncertainty, it is no wonder that meteorologists are notoriously skeptical when it comes to climate scientists’ predictive computer models, which have an error margin larger than what is being measured.  If there is one thing weathermen know about weather, it is that it is always changing and cannot be accurately predicted.

Choose Your Apocalypse

Like a “choose your own ending” adventure novel, the United Nations Environmental Panel works with Government, Hollywood, and the media industrial complex to construct doomsday scenarios requiring the rescue from international governing bodies. 

If you watched Leonard Nimoy’s In Search Of as a kid, you might remember that the climate crisis back in 1978 was “The Coming Ice Age!”  In the 1990s, budget busting Hollywood flop Water World portrayed a future in which land no longer existed.  This hoax was abandoned once word got out that a full melting of the earth’s ice would only raise the oceans by 10 or 15 feet; but National Geographic still scares us with images of the Statue of Liberty underwater! 

Another vision of the future portrays an earth of deserts too hot to live in.  This also is also difficult to sell, given the fact that fresh water exists inside of a closed cycle, evaporating and falling back to earth, neither being created nor destroyed.  Going one step beyond, the latest theory being pushed by BBC and “science” is that global warming will cause global freezing (due to a decrease in temperature differences which will stop the earth’s ocean conveyor). 

Perhaps this is why “Global Warming” has given way to “Climate Crisis” in the news media.  It has become an “unfalsifiable theory” because it is everything all at once.  Whether your winter was “too” warm or the coldest on record…it is evidence of climate change!  

The Bible says God is in control.

You visit the earth and cause it to overflow; You greatly enrich it; The stream of God is full of water; You prepare their grain, for thus You prepare the earth. You water its furrows abundantly, You settle its ridges, You soften it with showers, You bless its growth. You have crowned the year with Your bounty, And Your paths drip with fatness” (Psa. 65:9-13). 

Earth people currently survive in temperatures that vary by 150 degrees Fahrenheit, so a six degrees change will be palatable, and may even warm frozen tundra and bring fresh water to deserts, which cover one third of Earth’s land mass under current conditions. 

Yet some people will use Revelation 16:8 to find evidence of global warming: “The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and it was allowed to scorch people with fire. They were scorched by the fierce heat, and they cursed the name of God who had power over these plagues. They did not repent and give him glory.”

Thankfully, for this article, an answer to this “hot” debate does not need to be decided.  We can all agree that the earth warms and cools.  The question is whether mankind is causing it and whether an international governing body that has wanted one-world government for the past 100 years can do anything about it if people hand over all their freedoms and money. 

One-world idol pushers will claim they are up to the job.  Big international corporations, too are happy to agree, giving 100 times more funding to “green” scientists than to skeptical scientists.  By vilifying CO2 instead of actual pollution (like mercury, plastic and PFAS), the corporations doing the polluting get a free pass and can keep polluting without being harassed.  Meanwhile, they fund propaganda in the media and universities that declares that it is the consumers who are to blame, so that the taxes, incremental restrictions to freedom, and fines get paid by the people, not the corporations.

Selling Indulgences

The similarities between the guilt-fueled agenda of the United Nation Environmental Panel and the Holy Roman Empire of old are striking.  Consider the average person’s guilty thoughts: “I feel guilty and I want to do something to ‘save the earth.’  I believe mankind is evil (especially corporations) and we are destroying the earth.  Mankind seems like a virus on the earth and the earth’s immune system is starting to kick in.  We better do something!”  

Indeed, Pope Francis pushed this popular threat in his First Encyclical, which is about saving Earth: “If we destroy Creation, Creation will destroy us!”  At the same time, most people feel helpless and lazy: “I Don’t really want to change.  I like consumerism too much to change.  I guess I’m too selfish to save the planet.” 

Indeed, most people are not interested enough to learn the basic facts about the debate.  They want a way to feel a little better without any effort.  And they want to be able to look down on those who are “doing nothing.” They would much rather just give money to someone else and let them figure it out.  These feeling originate from the schools and media, who are like a modern Dark Ages Church, dealing in environmental guilt and convenient indulgences.

Like the Catholic Church’s ban on reading the Bible for yourself, the environmentalist idol pushers do NOT want you to read about climate change for yourself.  Knowledge is considered dangerous to con men.  Trust the high priesthood of well-funded “experts.”  Why think for yourself when you can simply pay indulgences?

Ironically, even Cardinal Pell can see the analogy of environmentalism to religion: “the grim scenarios for the future as a result of human irresponsibility… have a dash of the apocalyptic about them. The immense financial costs true believers would impose on economies can be compared with the sacrifices offered traditionally in religion, and the sale of carbon credits with the pre-Reformation practice of selling indulgences. Some of those campaigning to save the planet are not merely zealous but zealots.” 

Certainly, retribution from fickle weather gods who demand sacrifices and threaten you with hellish consequences sounds a lot like Baal (Lord of Thunder) worship of old.  Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, who refers to eating beef and using straws as “sins” says: “If you believe that God is watching, as poison is being belched into the air of creation, and people are being harmed by it…What does God think of that? It’s messed up.”  The weight of guilt is encouraged along familiar religious lines by media news channels like NBC, who encourage their viewers to visit their “Climate Confessionswebsite, where they can confess to “blasting the A/C” or “eating a steak.”

A New Religion

Richard Tol, International Panel on Climate Change admitted that “Climate has become a new religion, and that people who disagreed [with us] would be treated as heretics.”  Indeed, if you question the dogma that 1) the earth is warming and 2) it is because of humans and 3) the only solution is UN control, you are considered a sinner of the worst kind. 

The trope “climate denier” is used, calling to mind the phrase “holocaust denier.”  Amazingly, you are expected to ignore the historical ineptitude of every big governmental regulatory agency and have faith that this time they will come through with a miraculous salvation if we just hand over everything and trust them.  “The science is settled!” is a good example of the blind faith of environmentalism, which is reminiscent of evolutionism.

Like the diviners, fortune-tellers, and soothsayers of the Old Testament, the environmental movement is teeming with false prophets in the media as well as in the political heavens.  They see every extreme weather occurrence as an omen or a portent of future doom.  Prince Charles has predicted that we only have 18 months to save the world…then 96, then 100, then 10 years, 33 years, and 35 years. 

Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez wants a “Green New Deal” new brand of socialism, warning us that “The world is going to end in 12 years… and your biggest issue is ‘How are we gonna pay for it?!’”  Popular, trendy scientists and “Science Guys” Bill Nye, Neil De Grasse Tyson, and David Suzuki fill the role of T.V. evangelists, bullying dissenters with contrived “scientific consensus” and declaring that “climate deniers should be locked up.”  

Celebrities like DiCaprio and Schwarzenegger fulfil the role of hypocrites, flying across the globe in private jets and holding fancy gala dinners to support climate change.   President Obama, who told an audience in Africa that they can’t have big houses or air conditioners because “the planet will boil over” turned around and bought a mansion on Cape Cod that is only 15 feet above sea level!  Since he can see that islands are not disappearing and developers are building closer to the oceans than ever before, Obama most likely does not believe his own hype. 

Big Tech too, does not seem to see the urgency of the climate change they preach, moving their operations to desert states like Nevada.  Like the Pharisees of old, they do not hesitate to “lay heavy burdens” on their minions while never lifting a pinky to do much beyond signaling their virtue.

John D. Rockefeller III famously said of environmentalism “we have to make it like a religion.”  Proud communist Mikhail Gorbachev flatly stated that the Earth Summit would be religious right from its beginnings in Rio 1992: “I envisage the principles of the Earth Charter to be a new form of the ten commandments.  They lay the foundation for a sustainable global earth community.” 

Compare the Earth Charter with the mysterious and creepy Georgia Guidestones (another ten “commandments” that was covered in a previous section) and you will understand the full malevolent plan of an all-knowing, all-controlling, all-powerful one-world technocratic dictatorship.

“World Religion” is one of the United Nations main preoccupations because they understand to what extent the diversity of religions keeps the people of the world divided.  New Age, “scientific” religions like “World Pantheism” attempt to fix that rift in an ecumenical dream. 

According to WP’s website: “Nature is the very heart of our spirituality, which is close to Deep Ecology, Gaia theory, Nature religion, or basic and direct Nature Worship. The simplest way to sum it up is in Michael Gorbachev’s phrase “Nature is my god.”  This sacred Earth is our ark … We recognize that our planet, the habitat of all living things, is a delicate network of interacting elements…This interaction has been described using the metaphor of the Greek Earth goddess, Gaia… Our president and founder, Dr Paul Harrison, holds a United Nations Environment Program Global 500 award for his many books on the environment, and has edited UNEP’s annual report on the world environment for the past four years.”

Tree worship, nature worship, and Mother Earth worship all combine into an easy-to-sell pagan soup du jour.  People have been worshiping trees so long that it is practically in their genes.  Environmentalism hijacks Christianity while combining it with paganism.  Gorbachev’s “Green Cross” organization and the Earth Charter Initiative dove icon are a couple of blatant examples of their hijacking of Christian symbols.

At it’s core, the new religion is anti-human, making it a common enemy for all people who want a pro-human future.  As disillusioned Greenpeace cofounder Patrick Moore says, “Greenpeace went from being humanitarian to Anti-human.”

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