Bible Study Series

Modern Idolatry

Part 4 – Gods Among Men

To be “gods among men” requires a “pyramid” scheme with servants cooperating below. Picture the feudal system: serfs at the bottom, landowners under knights under the lords, with clergy then Pope and King at the top. Egypt and Rome were similar, with “god” rulers at the top, and slaves below. We might think that no ruler would believe in such fantasy nowadays, but consider French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron, who gave his inauguration speech before the 666 panes of glass forming the Black Pyramid in Paris (while playing “Ode to Joy,” the EU’s anthem)!

He is on record stating that he will “rule France like the Roman god Jupiter.” He relishes the idea of being called “The Saviour of Europe” by Economist magazine, whose cover shows him walking on water (The Economist June 17, 2017). He certainly takes his name seriously: “god with us” (Emmanuel) “mark” (Macron). As a shooting star of Rothschild banking, his mission is to strengthen the EU beast and bring back the Tower of Babel.

To this day, Macron’s European Union uses Babel for their architecture and logos.  “Many tongues, one voice” the motto on their posters and stamps read, featuring a likeness of Bruegel’s Tower of Babel painting!  The massive EU headquarters in Strasberg is built like Babel!  And the Bank of International Settlements resembles it too.  Incidentally, the 12-star EU flag comes from a halo of 12 stars crowning a famous statue depicting the “woman clothed with the sun” from Revelation 12!  And their Euro coin features a woman riding a beast! Signs in prophecy that seemed to us allegorical or impossible 30 years ago are getting real.

The Power of Diabolos

We may consider the influence of such globalist atheist socialist moneychangers harmless.  But the angels at Babel in Genesis 11 didn’t see it that way!  They said, “this is only the beginning of what they will do; and nothing that they propose to do will be impossible for them.”  This verse seems to underline the real danger of the collective will of men.  How real is the power of these priests and sorcerers of deception?  Mosaic law takes them quite seriously: “You shall not suffer a witch to live.”  This does not sound harmless.  Recall that Balaam made a living through the power of bad intentions.  His power was so effective that an angel and talking ass had to stop him!  Power, it seems, is as real as it is perceived to be.  It matters not if the meat offered to idols is possessed.  If someone believes it is, then it is.  Perception is reality.

Another example of the demonstrable power of “magic” is the case of Pharaoh’s magicians.  Whenever Moses performed a sign, “the magicians did the same by their secret arts” (Exo. 7:11, 22, 8:7).  Whether these Egyptian wise men used occult (hidden) knowledge like math and chemistry or just sleight of hand, we don’t know.  We do know that concealing knowledge is always part of the idol-pusher’s toolbox.  TV physicists today say “our great-grandchildren would seem like gods to us if we met them today” because of the advancements in science and technology that will happen in the next 50 years.  Imagine if the priest class managed to hoard that technology for 100 years.  They would really seem to be like gods!  As we will see when we look at history, the people pushing alternative religions were often more well-rounded and well-versed in science than we give credit.  The pyramids and the zodiac attest to a level of achievement that we are helpless to explain.  Occult teachers Hermes, Pythagoras, Hiram Abiff, Plato and Christian Rosencreutz all had one foot in the spiritual school and one in the scientific.  Initiates not well-versed in art, music, math, religion, philosophy and astronomy were not selected for discipleship.

As we will see, the faith in science and the trust in technology are key to the idol-pushers’ quest to become god.  They have used “devices” from ancient times to accomplish their goal of ever more power.  In the Western World, we are reaching the peak of social control through technology.  The “end game” is to have us all worshiping the Image of the Beast: a talking idol (Rev. 13:15)!  Their arrow has not yet reached its mark, but the trajectory is obvious if we watch current events.

Sometimes telling the future is as simple as seeing an archer pull back on a bow and take aim.  Astute observers who saw the bending of the bow warned us of our current situation 100 years ago, and yet we still choose to put our heads in the sand and say: “It can’t happen here!”  Let’s go back to the ‘beginning” of the latest effort to re-build Babel into the golden-headed, multi-national image of Daniel chapter 2.

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

“Pray devoutly and hammer stoutly” is the motto on the Fabian stained-glass window at the school of economics in London.  The four “gods” of the quasi-religious group the Fabian Society are depicted hammering a molten planet earth into shape.  The ten half-sized disciples underneath are shown kneeling to a stack of their teachings.  The window looks like it came out of a church, but the Fabians were not Christians.  They were a semi-secret socialist group that George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were warning us about in their respective prophecies 1984 and Brave New World.  On the stained-glass window, above the men shaping the earth, we find the group’s coat of arms: a wolf in sheep’s clothing!  This group’s other logo was an angry tortoise with the slogan: “but when I strike, I strike hard!”  The tortoise illustrates the slow, progressive approach the group wanted to use.  The wolf in sheep’s clothing spoke to their cunning methods.

The New World Order author H.G. Wells was among the group’s early members.  Their idea for solving the world’s problems was what Orwell described as “Oligarchical Collectivism” (communism for the commoners with rule by the rich intelligencia).  Although the “sheep’s clothes” part of their program sounded like it was about ending poverty, the real agenda was to give divine power to the government.  Bertrand Russell and George Bernard Shaw were both members who expressed the totalitarian goals of the group, including death panels forcing people “to prove their worth to society” and eugenics (sterilizing the diseased, weak, feeble-minded, alcoholic, etc.).   The idea of democide (governments killing their citizens) for the “common good” has been especially popular in recent history, with over 100 million killed (not including war!) in the last century alone.  This group is still around today and includes modern elites such as former Prime Minister Tony Blair, who spoke at the unveiling of the Fabian Window’s restoration party.

Brave New Socialists

Although this group may not have controlled Parliament or taken a majority, their ideas were adopted by a powerful group of unelected world-shapers and nowadays their propaganda is mainstream.  To understand where we are today requires us to see where we started.  According to historian Max Hastings, “Between 1900 and 1914, technological, social, and political advances swept Europe and America on a scale unknown in any such previous timespan (Catastrophe 1914).”  The ethos of the early 1900s was one of optimism in man’s evolution and progress through technology and science.  The world changed in the blink of an eye, seemingly without any need for God.  Framed within the theory of evolution, the intellectuals of the time took this to mean that worldwide utopia ruled through logic and reason by benevolent scientists was fast approaching.  As C.S. Lewis wrote of living through that phase, “To those brought up on the Myth [of progress], nothing seems more normal, more natural, more plausible, than that chaos should turn into order, death into life, ignorance into knowledge.”  The “Myth of Progress” was quickly shattered by World War I, in which increased technology meant increased death.  But for those who held Scientism and Evolution as religious beliefs, the war only underscored the immediate need a one-world order guided by the spirit of evolution.  Man’s survival now depended on a group of progressively minded elites who would need to guide humanity…for its own good.

The “new world order” idol-pushers got financial backing through the Cecil Rhodes Trust in England, etc.  Rhodes, of “Rhodes Scholar” and DeBeers Diamond Mining fame, had this to say about creating secret alliances: “Why should we not form a secret society with but one object, the furtherance of the British Empire and the bringing of the whole world under British rule, for the recovery of the United States, for making the Anglo-Saxon race but one empire?”  Partnering with the Rockefeller Foundation to establish the United Nations, Rhodes’ dream of combining countries got bigger.  The movement created roundtable groups (like Club of Rome) and think-tanks of bankers, investors, lawyers and politicians who were taught the precepts of social engineering. They got their messages out through the Foundations who hijacked education. At the advent of the war, these elites had hid their money from taxation in the foundations, and then used the foundations to shape education and media to influence culture and politics in order to progressively achieve power over society and geopolitics.  These influencers have always pushed their anti-God (satanic) agendas, as we will see.

Their “Brave New World,” in a nutshell, is a technocratic oligarchic collectivism.  Energy, food, wealth and opportunities are measured, monitored, and divided equally.  Scientists and engineers make the big decisions instead of politicians.  Stability is the goal.  Control is everything.  Automation is preferred.  Predictability is established.  Individuality is a liability.  One world, one bank, one religion!  The “smart city,” 5G, geo-spacial intelligence, AI, and the “internet of things” are a technocrats’ dream come true.  Although the word “technocracy” might sound new, and the book Brave New World might sound like science fiction, these utopian ideas are not “modern” or “progressive.” In fact, they can be traced back to idol-pushers of the 1600s!


“Utopia” (“u” =not, “top” = place) literally means “not a place.”  As such, the idol-pushers who sell this idea are either the deceivers, or their useful idiots.  Utopia is a world where mankind finally solves all its problems, with no help from God.  As we saw with the Fabian stained-glass Window, Utopia really is a religion for them, complete with guilt, zeal, faith, hope, hypocrisy, etc.  It is akin to “kingdom come,” but without Christ’s help!  Thomas Moore invented the word Utopia in the 1600s for the title of his book.  Written during the Enlightenment, this science fiction novel describes the peaceful island nation of Utopia.  Its citizens enjoy religious tolerance, socialism, equality, and even free love.  Although radical for its time, Moore was careful not to (overly) offend the Catholic Church.  Whether Moore believed his propaganda is debatable since he personally took part in religious persecution of Protestants!  It is also interesting to note that the religion of the perfect society of Utopia was not Christian, but the sun worship of Mithraism!  Perhaps Moore knew that his Catholic religion celebrated the Mithrain “Nativity of the Sun” every December 25th!

The 17th and 18th centuries were an extremely active period for all sorts of “enlightenment” and “illumination.”  Influencers like Thomas More saw cracks in the status quo Church that was imprisoning Europe in the Dark Ages, and they took advantage.  Leading up to the American and French Revolutions, dozens of secret societies developed for a host of political, scientific, religious and philosophic reasons.  Some of these groups, like the Freemasons, were quite diverse, and thrive world-wide as subtle “instead-of-christs” to this day.  Other groups, like the Illuminati, were focused on total annihilation of the church, government, and even traditional society.  As Luciferian “light-bearers” they saw it as their mission to herald in the newest zodiac age: Aquarius.  For their New World Order to be set up, the Old-World Order (Pisces, that is the Christian era) had to be obliterated.  Before drawing parallels between the Illuminati and the reckless leftists of our day, it is important to realize that the thread of Utopia goes back at least 200 years before the Illuminati and their French Revolution.  In our next section, we will trace utopia and “synarchy” (totalitarianism) from its occult (but scientific) roots in the 1500s through to the technocrats of the modern age.

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